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When resolving family law disputes, gender shouldn't matter. Men and women should be treated fairly and equally. Unfortunately, in civil and criminal matters, particularly in cases involving divorce or custody, men often know the cards are stacked against them from the outset.

At the law firm of Shaw Law Group, PLC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our lawyers work hard to protect the rights and interests of men. Our attorneys provide experienced legal advice, strong advocacy and aggressive court representation for men who are preparing for divorce or dealing with other family law or criminal allegations.


The American Divorce Association for Men (ADAM) in West Michigan, has highly qualified attorneys who advocate for men's rights in divorce, child custody and parenting time, paternity, support, property settlement, post judgment modifications, and other family law matters. 

Men involved in family law disputes need strategic guidance and professional decision making through times that can be extremely stressful. The issues of husbands and fathers are part of an equation that demands recognition from the courts, as well as from other lawyers, wives, mothers, children, and all who are affected by family law issues.

You Should Know About ADAM

Protecting Men's Rights

  • Divorce Law

    Divorce is never part of the plan when a marriage takes place; however, when divorce is the resolution to marital discord, men and women often

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  • Child Support

    There are a number of factors used to determine the amount of child support that will be paid to one party or the other. Some

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  • Custody, Parenting & Visitation

    Advocating for Fathers in Child Custody, Parenting Time and Visitation

    Fathers today play an integral role in raising children. Divorce or separation should not lead

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  • Protecting Your Property

    Your family is the most important factor in a divorce. But focusing on the importance of the well-being of your children and their care can

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Client Testimonials

  • Mike C., Grand Rapids, MI

    Divorce is not pleasant under any circumstances, or conditions. I was very pleased with the understanding of my situation by both Ivan and Samantha, and valued their input, continuous support, openness, advise, and of course professionalism (even if at times I was a little on the edge...thanks for hanging with me!!). The outcome of the divorce took longer than anticipated, not due to any issue on our side, which was frustrating, but at the end of the day I felt the settlement was a good one. Life goes on!! Thanks Ivan and Samantha!!!!
  • Jason K., Broomfield, CO

    What I really liked was in the initial consultation after listening to my concerns and what I wanted and examined my case, I was not told what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear and the explanation made a lot of sense. I didn't get what I originally wanted but I got a lot.
  • Dusty H., Ionia, MI

    Ivan made me feel comfortable and at ease during a very difficult time. I am so glad I chose them as my outcome could have been much worse. They knew exactly what to do and made the process easy. Thank you Shaw Law.
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Shaw Law Group, PLC

As soon as you know you are facing a divorce or a criminal charge, you should seek competent counsel immediately. It may only require a quick call to an experienced lawyer at Shaw Law Group, PLC at (616) 827-ADAM (2326). Our attorneys focus on men's rights, and can help you determine if there are steps that you should take right away to protect your interests in any family law or criminal matter.

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